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The Bridge Between

Exploring dialogue through the lens

of Martin Buber and Contextual Therapy

About the Author

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Janet Stauffer is a Contextual Therapist, professor, and scholar. She was introduced to Contextual Theory and Buber’s I Thou (dialogue) early in her career and was immediately drawn to this resource based therapy. Its healing potential emerges as persons turn and face one another in ways that build trust and provide a healthy legacy for future generations.

“We are deeply interconnected at existential levels. When we honor one another in our shared existence, we grow into who we are as persons.”

Janet is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Pennsylvania, an American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy Fellow and certified Clinical Supervisor. She is a professor in the Graduate School of Marriage & Family Therapy at Kairos University and maintains a private therapy practice.

Her mentors in Contextual training included Dr. Barbara Krasner, Dr. Maurice Friedman, and Dr. Douglas Schoeninger. She has presented internationally and locally as well as published in MFT journals. Janet enjoyed connecting with Contextual colleagues around the world in the process of developing the video: The Bridge Between: Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy and Contextual Therapy.

Among her many interests, Janet can be found volunteering in her community or canoeing among lily pads in gentle streams with Jim, her beloved dialogue partner.

“I am indebted to each one who walks the journey of dialogue with me.”